Kabhi Tumhe Yaad Meri Aaye ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข WhatsApp Status

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Kabhi Tumhe Yaad Meri Aaye ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ข WhatsApp Status

Uploaded at 30 June 2022
CategoryBollywood Videos
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Duration0:29 sec
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Kabhii Tumhhe โ€“Official Video | Shershaah | Sidharthโ€“Kiara | Javed-Mohsin | Darshan Raval | Rashmi V

Full Song https://youtu.be/ByIZIKFmHOA

Music: Javed โ€“ Mohsin
Singer: Darshan Raval
Lyrics: Rashmi Virag
Original Soundtrack, Theme written and composed by: Javed โ€“ Mohsin
Song Arranged, Programmed & Sound Design by - Aditya Dev
Music Supervisor - Azeem Dayani
Associate Music Supervisor โ€“ Meggha VA Baalii
Choir Vocal Designing / Choral Arrangement - Neil Nongkynrih
Choir Sung By - Shillong Chamber Choir
All Live Guitars played by - Krishna Pradhan
Live Flutes played by - P.M.K Naveen Kumar
Live Violin Played by โ€“ Manas Kumar
Darshan Ravalโ€™s Vocal dubbed at โ€“ Darshan Ravalโ€™s Studio
Darshan Ravalโ€™s vocals dubbed by - Viplove Rajdeo
Assistant Mix engineer - Michael Edwin Pillai
Song Mixed and Mastered by - ERIC PILLAI @ (Future Sound of Bombay)
Special Thanks - Sumeet Kr Tyagi

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